National Incident Management System (NIMS) is responsible for guiding the government and non-governmental organizations to work together and recover from various incidents. It plays an essential role in the community by providing an efficient and reliable system.

There are many common questions associated with NIMS management. One of these questions is that: “Which Item Is Included In The NIMS Management Characteristic Of Accountability?”

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Which Item Is Included In The NIMS Management Characteristic Of Accountability

FAQ: Which item is included in the NIMS management characteristic of accountability?

  1. Check-in/check-out of incident personnel
  2. Establish specific, measurable objectives
  3. Conduct briefings as part of the transfer of command
  4. Maintain an accurate inventory of resources


A.        Check-in/check-out of incident personnel


Check-in/check-out of incident personnel is included in the NIMS management characteristic of accountability, which means the management use this method to manage the documents properly. According to the check-in/check-out methods, every responder is responsible for properly reporting their assigned tasks.

In most organizations, including NIMS, a standard management approach is the check-in/check-out method, chain of command, incident action planning, resource management, and personal responsibility of every employee. Anyone who is managing a specific event should follow these approaches to ensure proper management and accountability.

Overview of National Incident Management System

National Incident Management System, or simply NIMS, is a comprehensive framework designed by the Department of Homeland Security and headed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is meant to help both the public and private sectors to respond to different kinds of crises. The management approach of NIMS is applicable on all levels like tribal, local, state, and federal.

FEMA Manage Disasters Via NIMS

Management Characteristics of NIMS

There are total 14 management characteristics of NIMS. Incident Command System (ICS) uses these attributes to develop a strong, efficient, and reliable system.

Let’s briefly look at the 14 management characteristics of NIMS:

1.    Common Terminology

It allows different types of organizations to work together and respond to incidents like disease outbreaks, terrorism, natural disasters, and many other such incidents. 

2.    Integrated Communications

Communication is facilitated through a common department, and a common communication plan is implemented to keep the communication smooth and clear.

3.    Modular Organization    

NIMS design a module according to the specific size and complexity of an incident. The module is modified with the growth of an incident.

4.    Establishment and Transfer of Command

A clear command function is established at the very beginning of an incident. It is possible to transfer the command during the incident due to some unforeseen circumstances.

5.    Management by Objectives       

Specific and measurable objectives are developed to ensure all of the involved organizations are implementing suitable strategies to achieve the same goals.

Clear Objectives For Incident Management

6.    Unified Command

The unified command makes sure that a particular incident is managed by jointly approved objectives. It ensures that organizations with varying responsibilities can work together effectively.

7.    Incident Action Planning 

The purpose of Incident Action Planning is to provide effective and reliable guidelines about managing an incident. An Incident Action Plan (IAP) is developed for the organizations to provide consistent goals and objectives, along with the strategies to achieve these goals.

8.    Chain of Command & Unity of Command

Chain of command refers to the line in which authority flows via the hierarchy of the incident management organization. On the other hand, unity of command means that the individuals will have to report to a single assigned supervisor.

9.    Manageable Span of Control     

The span of control represents the number of resources or individuals a supervisor can provide for management during an incident. It is important to have a manageable span of control to ensure maximum safety and accountability. 

10. Accountability

Accountability is an essential part of incident management. Every individual working for NIMS will have to follow the rules and regulations to comply with the legal policies. Personal responsibility is also covered in accountability. Moreover, the check-in/check-out method is a part of the NIMS Management characteristic of accountability.

11. Incident Facilities and Locations

Different types of facilities can be established and provided by NIMS, depending on the size and complexity of the incident.         

12. Dispatch/Deployment

Resources are typically deployed after a suitable authority has established resource management systems. It is the responsibility of the ICS to manage and allocate resources. 

13. Comprehensive Resource Management

As the name suggests, Comprehensive Resource Management is responsible for identifying and allocating the resources to enhance their effectiveness. It identified requirements and keeps track of the resources to ensure all involved parties are getting the help they need.

14. Information and Intelligence Management

Information and Intelligence Management is crucial in collecting, analyzing, and managing incident-related data to ensure NIMS is fully ready to deal with various challenges caused by a particular incident. The intelligence is typically collected by law enforcement, medical experts, and other such organizations.

Accountability Matters in NIMS


NIMS certainly plays a crucial role in incident management and mitigating the effects of numerous crises. After reading this article, you will certainly be aware of the detailed answer to the common question: Which item is included in the NIMS management characteristic of accountability?

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