Gizoogle is an illegal copy of Google that translates the search queries into slang inspired by Snoop Dogg. It is not a new website. Instead, Gizoogle first emerged in 2005 to let people translate any word or phrase into “gangsta slang.”

Over the years, Gizoogle has gone through various transformations. The original owner of this website was American John Beatty. After being inspired by Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Fizzle Televizzle show on MTV, he started the website. The site shut down briefly in 2011 but was soon restored by a team passionate about the slang language.

Gizoogle Home Page

The current version of Gizoogle has a much better algorithm and translation of more than 4000 words to ensure users are able to search a more significant number of terms. Furthermore, the current team behind it is continuously working make the translations more reliable and perfect according to the language’s context.

Gizoogle has become more popular in the last few years after being relaunched several times and increasing the popularity of social media platforms like Twitter. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Gizoogle.

What does Gizoogle Mean?

The word ‘Gizoogle’ itself does not have any specific meaning. Instead of showing search results in plain English language, it is a parody search engine that converts the result into slang terms. In order to avoid legal issues, The website also makes it clear that it is not affiliated with Google in any way. Instead, the website defines itself as a “satirical caricature” of the Google search engine.

The original developer of Gizoogle, John Beatty, established the website in honor of Snoop Dogg because he enjoys a massive fan following all over the world. You should also keep in mind that the popularity of Snoop Dogg was at its peak during the 2000s, due to which it should not be unimaginable that a platform like Gizoogle gained popularity.

How does Gizoogle Work?

The original iteration of Gizoogle was shut down in 2008 due to legal complications and lack of traffic. However, greater interest in slang language on social media has paved the path for Gizoogle to become popular, especially among young users. The website is currently operating to turn your search queries into slang format.

Its basic working mechanism revolves around transposing the words by utilizing more than 4000 translations included in the database. An example of a search query entered into Gizoogle is that when you enter “Taylor Swift” into the search bar, you will see words like “Tay-Tay” and “Gangsta thug songwriter.” Snoop Dogg directly inspires these kinds of words.

Example of a Gizoogle Search Query

You can search a wide range of things on Gizoogle. For instance, if you search the term ‘Coffee,’ you will see different results as shown in the original Google results. However, the major difference is that it shows the results in slang terms.

Instead of showing Wikipedia results, it will display as Wikipizzle and define the terms like coffee in slang terms as shown in the following picture:

Gizoogle Search Coffee

Who Owns Gizoogle?

The original owner of Gizoogle was John Beatty, a 28-year-old web developer. His inspiration to develop this website was the sketch comedy show of Snoop Dogg called Doggy Fizzle Televizzle. However, the website has gone through numerous changes over the years, so it is not clear who owns and manages the latest website now.

Who uses Gizoogle?

Gizoogle is meant for mature users who are familiar with the ‘gangsta’ slang used by Snoop Dogg in his shows and music career. It is highly recommended that people under the age of 13 should not visit it, especially without any kind of adult supervision.


Under the terms and conditions of the website, Gizoogle also apologies in case of causing any offense in its translations of certain words and phrases. The algorithms used in the website are based on direct quotes from Snoop Dogg. Most of these terms slang terms are common in movies, Dogg’s music, interviews, and various TV shows. However, the team has paid special attention to removing racist words from the algorithm.


The bottom line is that Gizoogle is a harmless, fun website that lets you convert everyday language into language. It is gaining popularity nowadays because more and more people, especially teenagers, use slang words on social media and find it extremely ‘cool’ to be familiar with as many slang terms as possible.

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