A lot of companies have general managers and supervisors who are responsible for the management of different aspects of a business. General merchandise expert is a reputed position in Target, a large-scale chain of discount stores in the USA.

In this article, you will get to know about the basics of Target and why the general merchandise expert job is a popular position among the applicants.

Background of Target

Target is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has more than 1,800 general stores in the USA and 40 distribution centers in 23 states, along with a well-established e-commerce platform. A major reason why Target is so popular among consumers is that it is not limited to any one type of product. Instead, it has many product categories like grocery, household, cosmetics, and electronics.

Target Store

Target operates with the goal of becoming an all-in-one shopping platform for the customers and be a diverse and ethical corporate.  The popularity of Target continues to keep rising due to its reliable services and high-quality products.

Working for Target

Target has a friendly corporate culture that relies on teamwork and dealing with various issues quickly. The official website of Target encourages people to join the Target team because it gives them a chance to support the communities with volunteerism and bring change in society.

The company is also offering significant incentives to reward the contribution of the team members. Such incentives include medical and financial benefits, support programs, life insurance, paid vacations, and many other similar benefits. 

A common responsibility of all of the employees of Target is to create a fulfilling experience for the guests and make them fall in love with the stores to keep them coming again. Every section of a Target store has a dedicated expert to ensure the availability of the products and satisfy the customers.

What is a General Merchandise Expert?

Target hires general merchandise experts to greet and efficiently serve guests so that they do not feel disturbed throughout their stay at the store. It is important to note that Target offers general merchandise expert jobs at select general merchandise areas.

Moreover, these experts are responsible for ensuring the sales floor is fully stocked and that all products are available for the customers. A general merchandise expert also has the power of making and revising sales plans to maximize the efficiency and profitability of the stores.

People who have experience in management and are capable of creating a consistent experience for different kinds of customers at the Target store should apply for the general merchandise job. If you are not sure that whether you are fit for the job of general merchandise expert, you should read the following responsibilities to make a smart decision.

Responsibilities of General Merchandise Expert

Responsibilities of a General Merchandise Expert

Some of the other responsibilities of a general merchandise expert include:

  • Help the customers in selecting and buying merchandise.
  • Deal with all of the special orders.
  • Maintain a thorough inventory of products on an annual basis.
  • Provide maximum satisfaction to the customers.
  • Ensure quick and efficient delivery to the customers.
  • Manage important processes at Target like inbound and outbound replenishment, inventory management, pricing, and promotional activities in general merchandise areas.
  • Revise the sales plans as per the evolving circumstances.
  • Assist the non-general merchandise areas in working for the betterment of the Target store.
  • Implement modern system audit functions to ensure maximum inventory accuracy.
  • Monitor the overall progress of the store and prioritize different tasks to get the best results.
  • Promote a culture of ethical conduct in the store and comply with all of the applicable rules and regulations.

What can you Learn from General Merchandise Expert Job?

Target claims that it wants to help its team members have impactful experience in society and build strong skills for a long-lasting career. If you choose to work as a general merchandise expert, you will be gaining:

  • Knowledge of dealing with different customers and maintaining a satisfying experience for the customers.
  • Experience in managing different aspects of a well-established retail business and bringing improvements in the working procedures.
  • Experience in executing daily and weekly tasks to make sure the business is going in the right direction and meeting the sales goals.

Who should apply for General Merchandise Expert Job?

You should apply for the general merchandise expert position if you enjoy the following things:

  1. Working in a fun and competitive environment with a team where you have to deal with people from different cultures and backgrounds to deliver a fulfilling experience.
  2. Providing services to the guests at Target who will start loving the store and keep coming back again and again.
  3. Inventory management and making sure the store is meeting its ambitious sales goals.
  4. Working over the weekends to welcome the guests and inspire them with the fun and energetic work culture of Target.
Target Warehouse


The bottom line is that the general merchandise expert job can certainly be highly beneficial for you if you possess the skills discussed above. It can open up a lot of opportunities for you. The good thing is that Target is also ready to help you in this journey of becoming a general merchandise expert by providing thorough training.

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