If you are dealing with the PubMonitor.exe issue, you have come to the perfect place. In this article, you will get to know about every important aspect of PubMonitor.exe and how to fix this issue.

Many people are highly suspicious of this file because it usually consumers a lot of resources. Moreover, you might be concerned about the fact that whether PubMonitor.exe is malware that can damage your system.

However, we cannot label PubMonitor.exe as a virus or horse trojan without going into the details of this file. Keep reading to learn about the executable file and what steps you can take to remove or repair it.

How to Fix PubMonitor.exe Issue

What is PubMonitor.exe?

PubMonitor.exe is an executable exe file. It is a part of the UninstallMonitor process that is included in the IObit Public Program. You should be extremely careful while deleting PubMonitor.exe in Windows 10, but it can be performing some important functions in the system. You can find this process running in the Windows Task Manager.

It is important for you to be familiar with the various aspects of this file because a wide range of malware and viruses can be transferred through the exe files. Do you want to how to deal with PubMonitor.exe file? Keep reading to learn whether it is safe to delete it from your computer.

Important Information About PubMonitor.exe

The normal size of PubMonitor.exe is around 77 MB. It means that this exe file does not need much processing power.

However, when it starts consuming too many resources, many users start believing that PubMonitor.exe is malware or a virus that is causing great harm to the system. Some also say that this file consumes too much CPU and GPU, due to which the efficiency of the computer is reduced. 

File Location

You should check the location of PubMonitor.exe to determine whether the file is legit. The file location is:

C:\Program Files (X86)\Iobit\Advanced Systemcare Ultimate\

You can check the legitimacy of the file from the Task Manager. Locate the file in the processes and click on the columns field to check the Verified Signer column. If the Verified Signer value says “Unable to Verify,” then there is a high chance that PubMonitor.exe is acting like a virus in your computer.

On the other hand, if the process is tagged as ‘Authorized Signer,’ then it means that the file is authentic, and you don’t have to worry about it harming the system.

PubMonitor.exe File Information

Common Errors Related to PubMonitor.exe

There are several different errors associated with PubMonitor.exe. Some of them are:

  • PubMonitor.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • UninstallMonitor is not working.
  • PubMonitor.exe is not responding.

Other than these errors, you can face a lot of other errors due to the malfunctioning PubMonitor.exe.

How to Fix PubMonitor.exe Issues?

There are different strategies through which you can resolve the PubMonitor.exe issues. Removing or uninstalling PubMonitor.exe is the most reliable and quickest way of getting rid of such issues. Let’s explore this solution in detail so that you are able to remove the PubMonitor.exe file easily.

Things to Consider Before Deleting PubMonitor.exe

Before you delete PubMonitor.exe, you should confirm the legitimacy of the file through the task manager. If you end up deleting a legitimate file, it will adversely affect the efficiency of the related programs.

Moreover, you should make sure that all of the applications and OS of your system are up-to-date to avoid any potential issues. A variety of computer issues can be resolved by updating the drivers and the application.

Deleting PubMonitor.exe

You can delete the PubMonitor.exe file by following these steps:

  1. If PubMonitor.exe is a part of the software program, then you will have to uninstall the program to resolve the issue. You can easily run the uninstaller from the following directory:


  • However, if you are not able to find the uninstaller in the directory, you can uninstall the software from the Window’s Add or Remove Program option.
  • Search for PubMonitor.exe or the IObit Public Program.
  • Click on the program and select Uninstall Program to remove PubMonitor.exe from your computer. Once the uninstallation is complete, the file will be removed from your system.

Other Strategies to Solve PubMonitor.exe Issues

There are some other approaches that you can take to get rid of the errors related to PubMonitor.exe. For instance, if you remember the last change that you made that caused the issue, you should consider rolling back the change.

You can also execute the DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command in the Command Prompt to try to resolve issues related to executable files like PubMonitor.exe. It helps you in solving many critical problems without reinstalling Windows.

Another option is to thoroughly analyze PubMonitor.exe with the help of the Security Task Manager. It shows all of the running Windows Tasks, including hidden processes. Security risk rating helps you in finding the malware, spyware, and Trojan horses on your system.

Generally, a good antivirus is also enough to remove such viruses and malware to make your system safe and secure. Otherwise, you will have to take the above steps to remove the file manually.

FAQs about PubMonitor.exe

There are some common questions associated with PubMonitor.exe. Let’s discuss them one by one:

How to Stop PubMonitor.exe Process?

If PubMonitor.exe is consuming too many resources, your computer will slow down, due to which you will want to stop the process. If you are facing this issue, you should stop the PubMonitor.exe process from the Task Manager or uninstall the application related to this file. You can also do a full scan to ensure your antivirus takes care of the potential viruses and trojan horses.

Is PubMonitor.exe a Virus?

The good thing about PubMonitor.exe is that it does not always act as a virus or malware. Most of the time, it is related to another program that can start malfunctioning due to a variety of reasons. However, if it is a virus, then you can remove it with the help of antivirus or by following the strategies discussed above.

Is PubMonitor.exe a Virus

What is the Impact of PubMonitor.exe on Disk and CPU Usage?

You can find the disk usage of PubMonitor.exe by launching the Task Manager and clicking on the Disk option. Similarly, PubMonitor.exe can also cause high CPU usage. If the PubMonitor.exe process is consuming too much disk or CPU usage, you will have to delete the file.


It is quite evident that PubMonitor.exe can cause a variety of issues in your system. However, the good thing is that you can resolve this issue by running a complete scan or uninstalling the program associated with the file.

You should have no issue in getting rid of the issues related to PubMonitor.exe if you follow the strategies discussed above. If you need help or have any other queries, you can contact us or leave a comment below.

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