Pokémon fusions are becoming popular again due to the power of social media and thousands of memes shared on a daily basis. Using the Pokémon fusion generator is not a brand-new idea as it has been available for a couple of years now. However, the resurgence in the popularity of these fusion generators makes it important to discuss their significance and some of the best fusions you can make.

Overview of Pokémon Fusion Generator

The idea of having a tool to generate different Pokémon fusions was first introduced in 2010 when a developer from Colorado, Alex Onsager, launched the official website of Pokémon Fusion Generator. However, it did not catch public attention until 2013, when a meme got viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Pokémon Fusion Generator

After 2013, we have seen many different types of Pokémon fusion generators. Generally, people become more interested in this tool whenever there is any significant news about Pokémon or new game releases.

Onsager is the man responsible for the introduction of the first Pokémon fusion generator. Other variations like Pokémon fusion generator 2 are also available.

How Does the Pokémon Fusion Generator Works?

The working of the Pokémon fusion generator is easy to understand. It takes two random Pokémon and merges their attributes to form a new Pokémon with a new name. You can easily use the generator to manually select two monsters and create a fusion of your choice.

The good thing about the fusion generator is that it is updated from time to time to provide new options. You can create hundreds of thousands of combinations with the 151 original Pokémon.

One important rule to remember is that the first monster of your choice will give the head, coloring, and to the fused Pokémon, while the second monster gives the name suffix and body. You can change the order of the Pokémon to get varying results.

Watch the following video to better understand the working of the Pokémon fusion generator.

Top 5 Best Fusion Combinations

You can use the Pokémon fusion generator to create thousands of different combinations. Finding the right kind of combination can be a highly challenging task. Therefore, we have compiled the five best Pokémon fusions you should make.

1.    Pikawak

Pokémon Fusion Generator

Pikawak has the power of hiding in the shadows with the help of its own electricity. Users can use Pikawak to take the victims by surprise and attack them. Thunder is the signature move of this Pokémon to inflict maximum damage to the victims.

2.    Clefdrill

Clefdrill is considered to be one of the most dangerous insects in Pokémon. It is one of the most popular combinations in Pokémon fusion generator. According to the history of Clefdrill, it lives on the moon and follows the users around to scare them.

3.    Fearmime

As the name suggests, Fearmime benefits from your fears. It traps the fears of the users in a glass prison until the user is forced to verbalize their fears to strangers. You can easily create Fearmime by combining Clefable and Beedrill.

Pokémon Fusion Combinations

4.    Mr. Wrath

Toxic masculinity is the signature move of Mr. Wrath. It has a unique rounded appearance because it is made by combining Mr. Mime and Poliwrath. The gloved fists of Mr. Wrath and the damage they can do is one of the main reasons why this character has become popular in the world of Pokémon.

5.    Weepinduo

Weepinduo is made of Weepinbell and Doduo. It is one of the most popular Pokémon fusions because it started the era of Pokémon fusion generator. It does not require any significant powers or move, but users typically create Weepinduo due to its rich history and significance in Pokémon.


These are some of the many combinations you can make with the help of a Pokémon fusion generator. You can have a lot of fun with this tool by creating different combinations. Moreover, you can also share your unique combinations with your friends and other gamers via Twitch and social media platforms.

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