Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. The introduction of the Nintendo Switch in 2017 marked an important event in the history of the gaming industry because it was the first hybrid console that can also be played in handheld mode.  It has now sold more than 60 million units worldwide and has outsold the Super NES, which points to the massive popularity of the console. Learning the process of Nintendo Switch battery replacement is important to keep playing this console. 

An essential component of the Nintendo Switch is its battery. You must have an efficient and well-functioning battery to play the Switch in handheld mode. The Switch has an internal rechargeable battery to operate. This kind of battery pack is better than the standard battery because it provides more power and consumes less space. As a result, Switch is able to provide the attractive feature of portability to the users.

However, there are some situations in which you will have to replace the battery of your Nintendo Switch. In this detailed guide to Nintendo Switch battery replacement, you will learn about some important aspects of this procedure and the Nintendo Switch battery replacement cost.

Nintendo Switch battery replacement

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Why do you have to replace the Switch battery?

The actual playtime that you get from Nintendo Switch after a full charge is about 3 to 4 hours. With the passage of time, this time gets shorter and shorter because a lithium-based battery is used in the Nintendo Switch. A lithium-based battery typically starts depleting after 800 charge cycles.

In other words, the more you use these batteries, the shorter their battery life will get. Lithium-based ion batteries also tend to deteriorate when they are kept at full charge at all times. This kind of degradation over a long period of time will eventually force you to replace your Switch battery. The official guidelines of Nintendo also stated that the Switch battery life would gradually be decreased due to continuous charging. Similarly, games should not leave their Switch uncharged for a long period of like a year because it can drastically reduce the battery timings.

Can you replace the battery in the Nintendo Switch without professional help?

Yes, it is completely possible to replace the battery of your Nintendo Switch without getting any help from professionals. You will have to take apart the Switch for this procedure. Hence, you have to be extremely careful while replacing the battery and ensure the other components are not damaged in any way.

7 Basic Steps of Nintendo Switch Battery Replacement

The basic seven steps of Nintendo Switch battery replacement are:

  1. Make sure that the Switch battery has dropped down to at least 25%.
  2. Remove the rear panel.
  3. Pull off the rear panel and ensure you are able to see the Micro SD Card Reader.
  4. Remove the card reader and the aluminum shield plate.
  5. You will be able to see the Switch battery. Disconnect it from the power supply.
  6. Clean the remaining solvent and insert the battery,
  7. Put everything back together and make sure all of the screws are properly put in place.  

You can also follow a suitable YouTube tutorial or an extensive set of written instructions to make sure you are not missing any important steps, and the entire Nintendo Switch battery replacement process is done in an efficient and reliable manner.

Nintendo Switch battery replacement

What is the impact of Nintendo Switch Battery Replacement on Warranty?

According to the new warranty instructions of Nintendo, replacing the battery will not void the warranty unless some other components of the console are damaged during the process. This means that as long as you are getting the Nintendo Switch battery replacement services of a third-party shop or doing it yourself safely, you will not have to worry about the warranty of the console.

What the difference between the batteries of Switch and Switch Lite?

When you are buying new batteries for Nintendo Switch battery replacement, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right model for your console. The newer models of Nintendo Switch use the HAC-001(-01) battery, while the older models use HAC-001. On the other hand, Switch Lite uses HDH-001. The compatibility of the battery with your model is important to get optimum performance.

Which Nintendo Switch batteries should I buy?

There are several Nintendo Switch batteries available in the market that you can use in the Nintendo Switch battery replacement process. Some of these batteries are:

  1. Antank HAC-003
  2. BatteryMon HAC-003
  3. oGoDeal HAC-003

Other than a battery, you will also be needing tools like double-sided adhesive and a screwdriver to replace the battery of your Switch. The average cost of a Nintendo Switch battery is anywhere between $17 to $30. The entire process of Switch batter replacement can cost you more, depending on whether you are doing it yourself or relying on a professional.

How can I prolong the life of my Switch battery?

It is not necessary that you only start worrying about the health of the Switch battery when it starts malfunctioning. Instead, you should pay attention to its health to improve the longevity of the battery life.

Following are some important tips that you should follow to achieve this goal:

Turn off extra features.

Your Nintendo Switch comes with a wide range of features like wireless connectivity and Bluetooth. If you are not using these features, you should turn them off one by one or simply switch to airplane mode. It will certainly prolong the battery life. Bluetooth is only needed when you are using a joystick. In handheld mode, you will not have to turn on the Bluetooth. 

Use a suitable power bank.

Players have the option of using a suitable mobile power supply to recharge their Switch when they are away from the dock. You can easily find many different power banks that support USB-C ports and are compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch battery replacement cost

Buy the newer version of the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to enjoy a longer battery life and avoid the hassle of Nintendo Switch battery replacement, you have to make sure that you are buying the latest version of Switch that has a significantly longer battery life. The packaging of the newer version has a red background. You can also ask the customer care service to help you in getting the latest version.


The bottom line is that whenever you are facing any kind of issue with your Nintendo Switch battery, you do not have to worry about spending too much money on getting it replaced by professionals. Instead, you can easily perform the process of Nintendo Switch battery replacement yourself by following the important tips and tricks discussed in this article.

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