If you are a gamer, you must be familiar with the significance of gaming desks and the role a well-designed desk plays in enhancing your gaming experience. The benefits of using gaming desks are endless. They improve the performance of the players and reduce upper body stress.

There are many different types of gaming desks available in the market. However, the focus of this article will be on the basics of the L-shaped gaming desks and some of the best gaming desks available in the market.

Keep reading to learn the advantages and disadvantages of L-shaped gaming desks and the important factors that you have to consider to buy the best gaming desk.

What is an L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

L-shaped desks are considered to be the most space-efficient gaming desks available in the market. The popularity of L-shaped gaming desks has greatly increased because gamers are now using multiple monitors, due to which they need more space to place the gaming setups. You can easily use the two sides of the desk to put different things like multiple monitors.  

L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Generally, you can think of the L-shaped desks as two desks joined together to create a large home office space. Such desks are popular among gamers, but they are certainly not restricted to gamers only. These desks are great for people who spend a lot of time at a computer. You can find desks with different shapes and designs to accommodate your needs.

However, the size of an L-shaped desk is often a significant issue for people, especially those who have limited free space. Similarly, it can be challenging for an inexperienced individual to assemble or move this type of desk.

Pros and Cons of L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

Now that you are familiar with the basics of L-shaped gaming desks, you can understand the pros and cons of these desks as well. Let’s look at them one by one.

Pros of L-Shaped Desks

L-shaped desks have several benefits due to which they are highly popular amongst gamers.

More Space

L-shaped gaming desks are certainly the most space-efficient desks available in the market. They provide much more space than a simple desk or a U-shaped desk. If you have a lot of equipment and gaming setup, an L-shaped gaming desk is the best desk for you.

Better Productivity

You can use an L-shaped gaming desk to house various kinds of stuff. For instance, you can place your monitor and computer on one side and printer or some other equipment on the other. As a result, you will not have to continuously move from one spot to another. Instead, you can utilize the space more efficiently and productively to perform various functions at the same location.


Most modern L-shaped gaming desks are adjustable because they allow users to adjust the heights at their convenience. It enhances the overall gaming experience and makes it more comfortable.


L-shaped desks allow you to save space and be more productive. As a result, they help you save a significant amount of time and resources in the long run.

Gaming equipment on L-Shaped Desk

Cons of L-Shaped Desks

L-shaped desks have some disadvantages as well. These are:


Many people are used to having symmetrical equipment in their workspace. However, the L-shaped desk is unsymmetrical, due to which correctly installing it can be a challenge for many people. Hence, it is important to be creative while putting together an L-shaped gaming desk effectively.


When you place a lot of equipment on an L-shaped gaming desk, you are likely to face issues with cable management. Cables have to travel further on an L-shaped desk than a conventional straight desk. You might also have to spend more money on buying long cables.

Difficult to Select the Best Location

It is important to choose a suitable location for an L-shaped gaming desk to utilize the space in the best way possible. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the maximum benefits of having a space-efficient desk in your room or workplace.

How to Buy the Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

There are many L-shaped gaming desks available in the market. While having such a large number of options is good, it can also lead to confusion. If you are not able to choose the best L-shaped gaming desk, you should consider the following five factors to make the best choice:


Your L-shaped gaming desk must have sufficient sturdiness to support the equipment you place on it. It is important to evaluate the strength and durability of the desk because you do not want your desk to break down under the weight of an expensive gaming setup.

You can check the desk’s durability by making sure the legs of the desk are made from good material. You should buy it if it is made of metal or other such durable material. Otherwise, look for alternatives in the market.

Storage Space

It is important to evaluate the amount of space you need to make sure the desk of your choice will fulfill your requirements. If you would like to have a lot of space, you should get an L-shaped gaming desk with several cabinets and drawers.

Other than keeping your current requirements in mind, you should also consider the equipment and features that you will be using in the future so that you do not have to purchase a brand-new desk at a later stage.

RGB Setup

RGB setup is the most common gaming setup because it gives an attractive and even soothing vibe to all of the equipment. Using red, blue, and green lights provides an incredible look to the entire setup.

RGB keyboard

You can only get the maximum benefits of RGB setup when you make sure that the L-shaped gaming desk of your choice can support the lights and perhaps, even enhance them. Some of the modern gaming desks are equipped with RGB built-in. Therefore, you should look at the entire L-shaped gaming desk to ensure you can easily install the light strips in it. 


Size is one of the most important factors to consider while buying an L-shaped gaming desk. You have to evaluate your requirements for this purpose and determine the space you currently have to accommodate the desk.

If you have a full gaming setup, you will likely need a lot of space to handle multiple monitors, different gaming consoles, and other such equipment. All of these things will take a significant amount of space, so you should buy a space-efficient L-shaped gaming desk.

Cable Management

Cable management means properly organizing the cables of your gaming setup. It might seem like an insignificant thing to many people, but heavy gamers are familiar with the various challenges related to cable management.

A good gaming desk facilitates cable management. L-shaped gaming desks typically have a separate platform under the desk to contain the wires, so they do not fall on the ground.


Gamers often spend a lot of time in front of their computers, especially during this pandemic. It can high severe consequences on your health, specifically spinal health. It would be best if you look for an L-shaped gaming desk that minimizes the damage and make you as comfortable as possible so that your body does not experience excessive strain.


You might be looking for an adjustable gaming desk. Keep in mind that not every desk is adjustable as per your requirements. If you require the ability to switch from right-handed to left-handed layout and vice versa, you will have to make sure the L-shaped gaming desk is adjustable before buying it.


You can find a wide range of L-shaped gaming desks in the market. Most of these desks can be expensive. Therefore, you should be ready to explore the market to find the best L-shaped desk that falls within your budget.

L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Top 5 L-Shaped Gaming Desks in 2021

It is highly recommended that you find a gaming desk that is suitable for your requirements. However, if you want to get an idea about the best L-shaped gaming desks available in the market, then keep reading to learn about these desks:

1.    Coleshome L-Shaped Corner Desk

It is a traditional workstation that can fulfill the requirements of the majority of gamers. The sleek design of this desk makes it comfortable for heavy gamers. One of its arms is long while the other one is shorter. You can use the long arm to keep monitors, computers, and other consoles, and the smaller part to hold small equipment.

2.     Z-Line Designs Series 1.2 Performance L Desk

It is one of the most popular L-shaped gaming desks currently available in the market. It weighs about 107lbs and has exceptional durability and space to hold a variety of gaming equipment. Gamers love this desk because it also comes with a built-in dual outlet, USB charging port, and wireless device charging pad.

3.    Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Gaming Desk

It is a highly affordable L-shaped gaming desk. You should buy this desk if you need space to keep a moderate or large gaming setup. However, you might find it challenging to manage your cables with this gaming desk due to its open design.

4.    Bestier L-shaped Desk

Bestier L-shaped desk is made especially for gamers because it comes with two elevation options. Keeping the monitor elevated is also useful in improving your posture and relieving back pain. Moreover, it comes with RGB LED light strip and a headphone holder to enhance your gaming experience. 

5.    Green Forest L-Shaped Desk

Green Forest offers an L-shaped desk for general use. It is not especially for gamers because it does not have any extra functions for gamers. However, you can still use it if you do not have heavy gaming equipment. It is also one of the most affordable L-shaped desks you can find in 2021.


The bottom line is that an L-shaped gaming desk is a reliable and efficient way of maximizing your gaming experience. There are several benefits of these types of desks, as discussed in the article. Ultimately, your entire gaming experience will become more comfortable and easier by using an L-shaped gaming desk to accommodate your gaming setups perfectly.

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