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Why should your business invest in Software Testing?

A big business is built on technology that reaches the market fast and performs reliably ever after—generating rave user reviews. An inopportune snag in a critical application can cost a business millions in lost sales and considerable reputation damage. That’s what makes software testing such a crucial aspect of your IT project cycle.

Software testing can help businesses evaluate the quality of a software product or service; it provides an objective view of its performance and risks in multiple intended environments, and identifies the software bugs.

If you’re looking for software testing solutions that are agile, efficient, and domain-specific—our certified software testing managers can offer you cost-effective testing services.

We offer the entire range of Software Testing Services

It is crucial that your software application or system is fully functional across various platforms, browsers and devices used by your customers to access your product or website. Otherwise, you may lose your customers to the competition and face dwindling returns.

We offer our software testing services across multiple platforms to ensure optimum customer experience and transaction authenticity:

  • Web, Cloud & E-commerce Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Desktop Testing
  • Test Automation Services

A one-stop Software Testing Services Destination

Our testing services authenticate that each of your software application’s functions operate in conformance with their specifications and expected outcomes, ensuring behavioral adherence and quality. From installation, GUI and usability, test automation, to localization, regression, and alpha/beta testing—we cater to all types of testing in keeping with your business requirement.

Our software testing services include the following:

Functional Testing

This testing validates whether your application or software correctly performs all its requisite functions and meets its specifications, and is conducted by using normal as also erroneous input data.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is generally done by the customer to establish whether the delivered system meets the acceptance criteria and works as the customer expected. It falls under the class of black box testing.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is necessary to establish product readiness, and is evaluated against pre-identified product criteria. We perform stringent testing procedures to determine the responsiveness and reliability of your application.

Load Testing

Load testing is done to check the behavior of the software under normal and over peak load conditions, to identify issues which may obstruct it from performing as expected under load.

Compatibility Testing

We can quickly validate the performance of your website or application in a wide range of web browsers, operating systems, hardware, and software etc. that your customers may use.

Accessibility Testing

We evaluate your product’s usability to a wide range of people including people having disabilities.

Usability Testing

This is performed to test how user-friendly the software is.

Security Testing

We evaluate your product’s usability to a wide range of people including people having disabilities.

Test Automation

This technique uses special software (other than the software being tested) to perform tests on your system or product, to compare the actual outcomes with the expected outcomes.

Levels of Software Testing
We follow a 4-level approach to software testing:

  • Static Testing
  • Dynamic Testing
  • White-box Testing
  • Black-box Testing
  • Grey-box Testing
  • Visual (GUI) Testing

Software Testing Capabilities
Our software testing capabilities include:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Component interface testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing

We deliver assured quality

Outsourcing your application testing can fetch you cost, operational, and performance benefits. It saves the investment required for in-house testing processes and infrastructure as also offers quality as a strategic competency.

The VirtualEmployee.com remote staffing model offers software testing services from dedicated testing professionals, working from a managed office . It can be customized in terms of time, size, skills and expertise, and other criteria —with no hidden fee and agreed-upon deliverables.

Leverage the skills and expertise of our software testing professionals

We are a remote staffing company based in India, operational across 27 countries. Our expert software testing managers are experienced and apply structured and domain-specific knowledge, including the necessary testing assets, to provide effective results.

We deliver a wide variety of testing solutions for different industries—including enterprise software, healthcare, financial services, gaming, and education etc.—customized according to the specific industry needs.

You can hire our certified testing engineers who can create test cases, set up issue trackers, or establish test lab infrastructure, or alternately work with your previously established processes to comply with your simple or complex testing requirements. They can also assist in migration from manual to automation testing to cut back your software testing spend.

Why hire Henoz employee?

We understand yourdata and IP securityconcerns and employ industry-relevant security policies in a proactive manner.

Our dedicated and scalable Python programming teams, available on hourly, part-time, or full-time basis, work from amanaged office with 24×7 IT and administrative support—ensuring optimized development solutions for businesses.

We offer SMBs and entrepreneursaffordable rates with quality assurance , along with a transparent work environment. Our responsive project management, seamless communication, and real time collaboration opportunities ensure an impeccable and stringent delivery.

ANASSCOM member and an ISO-9001:2008 certified company—we employ a suite of powerful tools to maintain industry standards and best practices for enterprise level clients.

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