Welcome Preview of Application

Video Demo

Please note for privacy reasons some areas on screen are pixelated.

Main Preview

As the users will land on your page they will see this page. They will be required to click Enter Contest button in order to enter into contest. This page also shows some random entries if the contest is live. When the contest will end it will show 1st 2nd and 3rd prize winners.

Permission Action

As soon as users will click Enter Contest button they will be redirected to get Facebook Permissions. Once they permissions are granted they will be redirected back to the Fan Page.

Entry Form

Users will see this page when they click Enter Contest and if they are already authorized. Information pulled from Facebook will be auto filled in the form. Whereas users will have to enter their phone number manually. [Please note admins have to approve each entry by users]


Any user can vote on any Photo after granting permissions. User can vote as per limits set by admin in the admin panel.

Share Action

As the users click "SHARE" button, the application popups a share dialog which users will have to post on their profiles. Note that text on share popup are customizable in the admin panel.

Preview of Post on Own Timeline

After users will share the post on your their time the post will show on their timeline as as under:-

Preview of Post on Friend's Feed

After users will share the post on your their time the post will show in the feed of of his friends. In this preview a user shared this post and the post appears in the feed of his friend as under:-

Preview of an Entry

When users click on any entry its larger preview shows up on on a pop up.

Terms and Conditions / Rules

You can enter your own terms and conditions / rules

Preview on iPhone

Preview on iPhone

Preview on iPad

Admin Panel

Admin Panel is simple to use and you can navigate to different tabs for various settings
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