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One of the chief concerns in outsourcing has always been data security. When tons of critical and confidential information leaves its place of origin and is transmitted over the Internet and into strange hands, such concerns are completely justified. And with horror stories aplenty about intellectual property thefts, a client’s worry that his confidential company information will not be misused or abused is totally understandable.


stringent security measures make data theft an impossibility VirtualEmployee.com understands, respects and appreciates a client’s concern for data security.

Which is why it has spared no expenses or efforts in ensuring that client information remains safe and secure while it is with them.

When a client outsources to us, this is what they can expect:

  • Employee works in a ‘virtual environment’: If a client desires, their virtual employee can work in a ‘virtual environment’, with the employee’s PC and keyboard are connected directly with client’s system in the US, UK or Australia. In other words, all the client data which a virtual employee handles will be stored on the client’s server back home and not on their desktops here. The virtual employee can log onto the client’s server via Citrix or VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology.
  • ‘Virtualization’: The second type of ‘virtualization’ involves storing all client data on VirtualEmployee.com’s virtual server in our data centre and not on any employee PC or laptop. On a client’s request, VirtualEmployee.com’s IT team can install Linux Operating System on their employee’s system to create that desired virtual work environment where all work is carried out on a virtual machine.
  • Client can access employee’s system or work environment any time: In VirtualEmployee.com’s server room, the IT team can provide a client with a virtual environment, so that the client can access their employee’s system at any time and multiple users can also log in and work on virtual machines. This is especially suitable for those clients who have hired an entire virtual team.
  • Disabling external accessories and drives: Many clients request that their virtual employees be provided with PCs or laptops in which external accessories like a pen drive, CDs and DVDs cannot be used. VirtualEmployee.com ensures that these instructions are carried out.
  • Disabling websites and web mails: Websites and web mails (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc) can also be blocked on an employee’s system (again on client’s request) to further secure client data.
  • Our vigilant IT department: VirtualEmployee.com’s own website is under constant surveillance by the alert IT team, with its own Sonic Firewall scanning traffic continuously.
  • Powerful anti-virus and anti-Spam: Every employee’s desktop is equipped with powerful and latest anti-virus and anti-Spam programs.

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We answer YOUR queries!

There are many steps that can be implemented to protect your confidential information. If you are concerned about the security of your data, please contact VirtualEmployee.com and we will then discuss and plan with you the best method that can be implemented. You can also watch our Data Security video for more information on this. Some of the procedures that can be implemented are:

  • Your employee can be made to work in a totally virtualized work environment.
  • All your data can be stored on your servers in your office. The employee, thus, only has remote access to the data whilst at work, and does not have any of your data saved on their PC.
  • Your data can be stored on VirtualEmployee.com’s servers and so once again the employee only has access to the data whilst at work and none of the data is saved on their PC.
  • CD-ROM drives, USB ports, printers, etc., can all be disabled from your employee’s PC and so your employee cannot duplicate your data, take it home, etc.
  • Software can be installed on your employee’s PC that monitors what they do and prevents them from taking certain actions, e.g. emailing data etc.
  • You thus feel as if your Indian employee is working locally in your office on your computer.

Henoz.com is committed to safeguarding a client’s precious data and valuable intellectual property and so data security is always our top priority. There are many measures that we take such as:

  • Virtualization and ThinClient. The client’s virtual employee can be made to work in a virtual environment in which your employee’s PC and keyboard are connected directly with your system. This ensures that all your valuable intellectual property gets stored directly on your server back home and not on the employee’s PC or desktop here.
  • You may request our IT staff to disable certain applications, software and personal webmails in your virtual employee’s PC or laptop.
    You may even request that your virtual employee be denied access to certain websites.
  • You may also request Henoz.com that all external drives and accessories be disabled on an employee’s system (such pen drives, CDs and DVDs etc).
  • In addition, every employee signs a stringent Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client as well with us which contains has severe penalties for breach of client confidence.


You may request one of our Managers if you wish that certain websites be blocked on your employee’s desktop/laptop. Our IT staff will accordingly be informed and they will block/ firewall the websites you have mentioned.

All the work that has been done by the employee for the client belongs to the client. Any and all products, inventions, ideas, or original works of authorship belong exclusively to the client.

Yes, you can if you so wish. We provide the latest online collaboration tools so that you can communicate as freely and as frequently as you would with your own in-house or local employee.

Yes, if any client requests that their employee use Virtual Desktops, our IT staff makes arrangements for it.

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