Welcome Upload Files

Step - 3.1 (Upload files to your server)

Upload all files to your server (you can use software for example FileZilla to upload files to your server)

Step - 3.2 Run Set up

In order to run set up you need to browse to /setup folder so after the path where you have uploaded the scipt add /setup for example http://www.yourdomain.com/script-path/setup

Step - 3.3 Verify your Settings and Add App

After setting up you must verify your settings. After necessary verification, click "Add App to my Fan Page" to add the app to your fan page. In case you missed out some thing click Update Settings

Final Step (Test the app)

Go to your fan page where you added this app and find open the tab. Check all texts, links and functionality of fan gate.

Well Done !! You have successfully completed the installation and testing. Should you face any issues contact us. We recommend you to change your password from admin panel regularly for security reasons.