Welcome Facebook Application Set Up

This step is only for those customers who do not have Facebook Application, if you already have a Facebook Application for your fan page then skip this step and Go to Step-3.

Step - 2.1 (Setup Facebook App)

Go to Facebook Apps and click "Create New App"

Step - 2.2 (App Name and Category)

After clicking "Create New App" you will see a popup, fill in your app name and choose category of your app. Click "Create App"

Step - 2.3 (App Domain Name)

Click on settings and fill in your domain name where you want this script to work and enter your contact email address. After this click "+Add Platform"

Step - 2.4 (Choose your platform)

Choose Page Tab as your platform

Step - 2.5 (Page Tab Setting)

Tab Name: Enter your desired tab name, this is the app / tab name which will show on your fan page.
Page Tab URL: Enter url where you will upload this script. Do not forget to include trailing lashes. eg. http://YourDomain.com/like-share-download/
Secure Page Tab URL: This URL is same as Page Tab URL however the url needs to start with HTTPS eb. https://YourDomain.com/like-share-download/
Page Tab Image: This is 111 x 74 px image for your Tab. Click on the default image to upload your own

Step - 2.6 (Put App Live)

From the left menu bar click "Status & Review" and toggle button on right top to "Yes"
Great ! Your Facebook App setup is complete. Lets move to next step