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Facebook Like, Share and Download Pro is an application for people who want to increase their fan page and want to make use of Facebook viral feature i.e. "Share".

Whats new in version 2.0

  • Admin panel is password protected. New Feature
  • Two Active Like buttons. New Feature
  • Now app shows only those social icons whose URL you enter. New Feature
  • Admin panel is password protected. New Feature
  • Your data file is better protected. Improvement
  • Text of the share post can not have apostrophes. Bug fixed
Note:This is a major update and you will need to set up your data once again.

Features - Standard License

Here are some cool features of this application:-
  • Fan gate content ie Not to allow users to see your share / download page until they like your fan page.
  • Lock your eBook until users share (what you want them to share).
  • Customize the post which you want users to share on their wall.
  • Customize content which shows to Non-Fans.
  • Customize content which shows to your fans.
  • No database required.
  • Password protected admin panel. New
  • Two Active Like buttons. New

Features - Extended License

If you have bought extended license then you qualify for following free services:-
  • Free hosting of files (life time - note that FTP access to files will not be provided).
  • Free set up of Facebook App.
  • Free content customization ie share post and text which shows up to fans and non fans. Just fill a document (click here to download) and send us, we will customize your share post and content based on the file you send.
  • We will send you free back up of your customized copy.

System Requirements

If you have bought standard license then your server should have following:-
  • PHP 5.x
  • SSL Installed
Great so looks like you are ready to verify your files and proceed to guide on use of the app.

Step -1.1 (Verify your files)

Unzip the file which you downloaded from codecanyon and unzip it. After unzipping you should have 4 PHP files, 1 Text file and 5 folders (as seen in the screen shot below):-
If you do not see above mentioned files, do not proceed further and contact us.

Step -1.2 (Know the files - Optional)

config.php files is the configuration file and has all the settings required to run the app properly.
index.php This file is the first file which executes when a person will land on your page. It is the main file which determines if a user is a "Fan" of your page or otherwise and shows content accordingly.
landing-page.php If a user is not a "Fan" then this page shows up. In this page users are asked to like the fan page.
liked-page.php If a user is a fan of the page then this page shows up. This page has lets users share the configured post and allows them to download eBook after sharing.